microphones in the trees: cloaks

Saturday, May 03, 2008


"Cloaks is a solo project from Spencer Doran, who also performs with RV Paintings. For this limited cdr, Doran has combined two amazing pieces recorded in 2006 and 2007. Both tracks on "Serene" are drastically different, but manage to fit together very well and definitely live up to the title of the release.
...Altogether, "Serene" is a thoughtful and beautiful disc that flourishes through a perfect implementation of simple ideas. Doran seems to know just how to place each sound to make his music interesting and moving. Above all, once you start listening, you won't be able to stop. Seriously, "Serene" is hugely addictive, and needs to be heard in its entirety, no matter how many times you've listened to it. In every way, this really is a small piece of musical bliss and, yes, serenity. 9/10" foxy digitalis


Anonymous said...

Spencer's CD-R is in fact a gorgeous piece of music. I have an advance copy, one he sent me because I'm his dad. Here's the thing, Students of Decay is a low-budget DIY label, and while this is indeed a limited edition, it's not like it's sold out, and if you give it away, it won't, which means the label will think twice about doing another one.
A thought: if you want to share the music, maybe post the short song as an MP3 instead of the whole album. That way someone might hear it and seek it out, thus making the economics of small scale music production a bit more viable.

respectfully yours - Bob Doran

Gonzo said...

this is awesome!! do you have Currituck Co.? :D

rafa said...

another thought: i can't understand, in the time we're living now, how one band (or one record label) could ignore the fact of soulseek exists. i mean, if we erase this link the possibilities of spanish people hear cloaks reduces a lot. what's the difference between share this record here to share this record through soulseek? and another thing, most of us use download links to know but we also buy cd-r's to support because we understand the designs of cd-r’s means a lot beyond the music.
i have one cd-r released by foxglove, but in my own myspace i have one link to download the entire album because i know the most exciting feeling in this world is share my music with all the people. And it’s easier share my music if it is free because we haven’t enough money to buy all the music we want, I know this because happens to me.
How can I do?? If i want to hear “serene” I have to buy it?? And if I’m late buying (in case I have enough money) and the limited edition it’s sold out, I can’t hear “serene”??? I don’t know the feeling that moves Spencer to make music but I’m sure he would be happy that in spain we are talking about his music and if we have this possibility it’s because someone who bought the cd-r uploaded the music to share their happiness with us.

respectfully yours too – Rafa Romero