microphones in the trees: lights

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


"Brooklyn's Lights enchant on their self-titled Language of Stone debut. Produced by Espers' Greg Weeks, the three-girl harmonizing (by Sophia Knapp, Linnea, and...Wizard Smoke) combined with forest spirit mythology and gothic undertones make for deliciously psychedelic, and sometimes dark, treat. Like being stuck inside the Wicker Man and actually enjoying it." othermusic
"Lights are Sophia Knapp (guitar, vox), Linnea Vedder (drums, vox), Wizard Smoke (light show, vox, jew’s harp) and Andy MacLeod (bass) (formerly of White Magic). Lights toured in 2005 with Jana Hunter and in 2007 with Bright Black Morning Light and Mariee Sioux as part of the Crystal Totem Tour.
The album ‘Lights’ was recorded and mixed at Hexham Head by Espers's Greg Weeks." inertia
“Here, for every virginal vocal harmony a vampiric riff lies in wait, each dulcet tone risks transformation into snarling beast, and ghost-like apparitions infest the rafters, unseen but duly felt. Lights embody the mixture of pop beauty and psychedelic horror that has compelled millions to shiver in fright and ecstasy. Join us.” lights


Anonymous said...

uf...veo la foto y aún sin escucharlo me gusta ya de ya!

abrazosos :))

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hola caracola :)

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hola ponita :)

rafa said...

no sé por qué pero esperaba otra cosa, más marciana supongo, pero me encanta!

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