microphones in the trees: keijo

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"...for his second release Keijo has produced yet another interesting and lovely album. mesmerizing folk-blues jams and psyched-out atmospheric pieces. "Here They Come" has eight tracks beginning with a baroque sounding "Clear After Midnight" and ending with "At Night" with its lovely field recording of bird song. This album is a very worthy follow up to his "About Around" album. It has all manner of instrumentation and touches on blues and psychedelia with the addition of a few guests including Keijo's cat "Leila". reverb worship

being by! being by! being by!


Anonymous said...

quedé completamente enamorado de el primer track
y hoy reconocí haberme enamorado de éste blog tambien.

ana said...

gracias a ti jòi. yo estoy completamente enamorada de being by :)

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias por este hermosito disco señorita ana, espero le dure arto el sapo apretado.

easyreader said...

Thanks. Keijo is wonderful.