microphones in the trees: silver antlers / seven feathers rainwater

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

silver antlers / seven feathers rainwater

"...Seven Feathers Rainwater birthed into the fraternal "New Weird Utah" held down by mainstays Stag Hare, Silver Antlers, Navigator, Chaz Prymek, Hew Mun, etc... Seven Feathers Rainwater's murky drones, tripped out by Eastern influenced samples and ragas, are really some of the most straight up enjoyable moments in SLC's experimental hadj towards Mecca. Looped piano drones, scattered woodwinds, wordless vocals, acoustic guitars and dancey percussion. Silver Antlers reigns in and compresses some of the most exciting swelling guitar drones and soaring solos meets tribal meditations meets the Algerian Desert Desert blues of Terakaft at a Qawalli festival, and straddles a line between Western blues and the contemplative percussion and spiritualism of Eastern musical traditions. This split is a mystical journey in the vein of doomsday calendars, feathered serpents, far east shamanism and all the wonderful oddities of Salt Lake City." tome to the weathermachine


nemobrine said...

THis is my favorite split of the year!!!!!!!!!! SUN RAIN is ON!!!!!!!

nemobrine said...

SUN RAIN is on the Seven Feathers Rainwater side, Silver Antlers is Amazing.