microphones in the trees: carpaccio magazine #11

Monday, February 15, 2010

carpaccio magazine #11

"In this issue you’ll find the photographies and illustrations of 32 collaborators from around the world (Valencia, Berlin, London, Israel, Croatia, Georgia, Moscow, California, Melbourne, Taiwan,…): Alexander Kostinskyi, Ana Cabaleiro *coquinete*, Anna Grimal *lagrimal*, Asja Boros, Astrid Andersson, Camila do Rosario, Carla Fuentes *little isdrawing*, Davide Bignotti, Elise Hori, Erin Gilkes, Gabriel Miller, Helen Korpak, Jacobo Medrano, Jessica Polar, Jessica Tremp, Katja Sonnewend, Kirill Savateev, Laura Addari, Lisa *OPPY* Currie, Lucía Franco, Maike Hemmers, Morgaine Faye, Oscar Martín, Rafa Romero, Rebekah Campbell, Ricor, Riki Musafi, Simon Filip and Theo Firmo. And an interview with Levan Kakabadze and another one with Alba Yruela & Rafa Castells.
You can get this Issue through MagCloud. If you’re from outside USA, Canada or UK, just send us an e-mail and we’ll tell you what you could do to get it!" carpaccio magazine


mar said...

quiero ese número... coquinete y arbore en papel... af, of, uf!

Anonymous said...

para que fuera redondo solo faltaba una caracolilla :-)

golden pepit

mar said...

y txiribuelta y vamitos y el nejo, por qué no? :D

qué linda 'golden pepit' :))