microphones in the trees: kurt weisman

Friday, February 05, 2010

kurt weisman

"Orange is kurt weisman's second album and it is a brilliantly chiseled gem. a beautiful garnet, or perhaps an orange chalcedony. there are traces of traditional norwegian melodies, atonal counterpoint, simple folk songs, new age blues, spacy doo wop, neo-classicism & love songs...kurt lives in a cabin in the woods near putney, vermont. it seems that the quiet, peaceful isolation permeated this music. these songs were ingrained and steeped deeply within kurt's soul (and fingers) over the course of a few years. now he is a mirror reflecting them back to us with love to the universe. Orange is mostly kurt singing and playing guitars but there are tasteful additions of clarinets from robert stillman (horses) and kinetic sparkling keyboards from eliot krimsky (glass ghost) & a touch of other instruments & sounds by kurt. included is a nice insert of a woodblock print of a horse by ben stamper who also helped produce the album." autumn

foto: toby price

puedo confirmar y confirmo que when i saw him with you es una de las canciones más bonitas de kurt weisman e incluso de feathers, y también blueberry song, que me recuerda a kath bloom y loren connors

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adrián said...

siempre extraño a feathers, tenía ganas de nuevo material de kurt. me gustan todas :) 'when i saw him with you' y la disonante belleza de'orange' las que más. loren connors meets scott tuma