microphones in the trees: wyld wyzrdz

Sunday, May 01, 2011

wyld wyzrdz

"The pieces that comprise Free Magick are best understood as destinations on an unseen map for an unseen world, or places of the heart. During the recording process I entertained energies within and outside myself that were new and fascinating. Because of this I do not feel that it is solely my album, but rather collaboration with the unknown. It stands as my most sincere work to date, a true reflection of my inner journey and a statement to the magick of mystery." braden j mckenna • wyld wyzrdz

"...oceans, bees, whales and wind bolster the already pastoral feel of Free Magick, while electronic sounds try to sound organic." tome to the weather machine

foto: luke byrne


Anonymous said...

~*~seriously magick!~*~

Anonymous said...

Here's a free link to the album.....


Support if you can.....

Love Braden

www.sevilla-3d.com said...

In my opinion everybody must go through it.

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