microphones in the trees: keijo

Saturday, November 26, 2011


"Finnish legend Keijo Virtanen (the voice behind the Rambling Boys, The Free Players, etc.) returns to Cabin Floor with nearly an hour of fried blues. He rolls effortlessly from the sparse disjointed riffing and freakouts of '15 Days' into the solid locked coasting-blues groove of songs like 'With White Woman' and the almost Valentine-like dream of the instrumental title-track. Every song is developed and full. Beautiful howling harmonica wails, dancing clear guitars and the snapping drums keep things exactly where he wants them to be. Edition of 50 tapes in cardstock sleeves with two inserts, one featuring a photo from Keijo." cabin floor esoterica

foto: connor novotny

otro mejor disco de mi vaquero finlandés favorito. six months on exile, folk minimalista y melancólico susurrado ante un micrófono imaginario qu no parece de este mundo

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