microphones in the trees: ralph white

Sunday, November 27, 2011

ralph white

"Ralph White’s home-made Americana internalizes old folk, proto-blues and country music into meditative, psychedelic textures transcended by a high-lonesome drawl. Drone-like banjo, reminiscent of Dock Bogg’s, fiddle, button accordion and African kalimba. Edition of 100 copies." sloow tapes

photo via magpie magazine
(thanks to the radiant now for the rip & upload)


jasonisme said...

anybody know where i can purchase the cassette from a US distributor?

ana said...

bluegrasscovers, i think this tape is sold out, at least by now i just found volcanic tongue.

nice blog by the way!

jasonisme said...

thanks, ana. looks like eclipse still has it, but waiting for them to respond to confirm.

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