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Monday, November 28, 2011


"...'Sha La La - La Later On' presents two distinct sides of the Serfs spectrum. The first, a glossy sparse web of clean ringing guitar reminiscent of Loren Connors. Emotional without ever becoming melodramatic. It closes out with a wonderful cover of Jerry Garcia's 'Love Scene' from the Zabriskie Point soundtrack. The flip side is the grittier side of things - pure burned-out live works. The guitar has more growl, the recording more hiss. This side closes with another cover, this time as a duo with Beach Fuzz's Tom Settle, ringing out a ten minute all-over-the-place version of Curtis Mayfield's 'People Get Ready'. In an edition of 50 tapes in cardstock sleeves with an insert." cabin floor esoterica

"Despite its sunny sing-along title and the fact that it features covers of songs by Jerry Garcia and Curtis Mayfield, Jon Collin’s latest album of ambient-guitar music under the name Surfs is a pretty lonely and lackadaisical affair. Rather than using significant atmospherics or looping, Collin relies on a completely clean electric guitar and an empty room to create a beautiful and singular work... Great end of summer transitioning tunes. Purchase this, and the rest of Cabin Floor Esoterica’s gorgeously packaged new batch, direct from the label." zen effects

fotos: anna verlet shelton  / alison scarpulla

(thanks to static encounters)

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