microphones in the trees: jakob olausson

Sunday, December 11, 2011

jakob olausson

"At some point all great explorers, from Amundsen to Kishan Singh Rawat, come to an opening up and cast their minds across a big space. A clearing, a promontory, a look out from a place no one’s been before. Jakob Olausson ventured deep on Moonlight Farm, his debut for De Stijl in the winter of 2005. His singular expression returns on Morning and Sunrise, an explorer’s codex, a gaze through to what’s more important and less seen. The path yet traveled and the sun arcing over it. Morning and Sunrise is a different record from Moonlight Farm.
There is more electric guitar and it really whisks at your earbones, the playing is beautiful. Jakob’s singing glows more. It gives light and shows love as it reassures, makes no false promises, says: You can be understood. Honest as the elements, words like "loner" will be hung on Morning and Sunrise, and that’s okay, we associate clarity this potent with solitude. And this could be the most lucid psychedelic record ever, morning is just so clear, and anyway, it’s not really loner, because You are there all along." de stijl
welcome traveler

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