microphones in the trees: monster rally & rumtum

Saturday, December 03, 2011

monster rally & rumtum

"Monster Rally & RUMTUM is the collaboration of Ted Feighan (Monster Rally) and John Hastings (RUMTUM). The two natives of Cleveland met in Columbus through mutual friends and began bonding over a love of beat music. The project is the exploration of their shared musical tastes and features influences from a broad range of styles including hip-hop, psych-pop, dub, dance and funk. The EP, MR&RT, is a seven-track introduction to the sound of Monster Rally & RUMTUM and serves as a preview of what’s to come." waaga records
monster rally mola, y mucho, aquí tal vez no suena todo tan orgánico como en solitario. pero los complementos dub (vía rumtum) no alteran el vestido tropical, seguimos teniendo ganas de ponérnoslo y salir por ahí a bailar, o imaginarlo si finalmente nos quedamos en casa.

listen: raindrops / pre-order


ana said...

nightmares on wax meets monster rally

Sam. said...

wow que buena banda. thanks for the post.