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Thursday, January 19, 2012

shep and me

"Minnesota's Matthew Himes, of the fantastic Lighten Up Sounds label, has carried Shep & Me through a revolving door of sounds, places, people and time. The sounds found here span five states, six other folks lending a hand, and seven years of recording, but you would never guess it with how well this flows as a whole. Like an old car radio, things crackle and split across the dial from crooked hayloft sing-alongs to smoky low-fidelity transistor radio drones. You never quite know what you're hearing in between - the hum of a midnight motor, a voice crooning from another room, or a dirty '45 spinning just a little too slow. A perfect blend of straight-forward songs and far-out mixups of sound. In an edition of 50 tapes in cardstock sleeves with an insert." cabin floor esoterica

cabin floor esoterica se está convirtiendo poco a poco en mi sello favorito. escogen cuidadosamente cada disco que editan (keijo, serfssacred basil, breathing flowers,...), grabaciones mágicas y atemporales con un sonido muy reconocible y a la vez inclasificable (polvorientos, minimales, lo-fi, folkies, ingrávidos, evocadores, cinematográficos........) que para mí son los más especiales y de los que, creo, nunca me cansaré. como carretes caducados o cintas de cassette desgastadas que conectan de alguna forma con the caretaker y me recuerdan todo lo que me gustó keijo o rambling boys la primera vez que los escuché. para ganarme ya del todo, la entrañabilísima 'i can't help myself', con silbidos y un eco lejano a village of spaces acompañados por la guitarra de johnny cash

fotos: jordan sullivan


Andrey said...

hi from russia, guys!

sorry for bothering you, but it seems like link doesn't work anymore, can't you re-up this album, please?



ana said...

hi andrey! try now, it's up

Andrey said...

thank you, great album!