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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

steven r. smith | ulaan khol

"...mostly the solo stuff is just music I did on my own that doesn't have any set parameters, like Hala Strana or Ulaan Khol, to define it. With those projects, I know going into it that it's going to be this specific thing, but other times I just make music and it doesn't have any specific aesthetic that I'm trying to do and it needs to go somewhere so it usually just winds up under my own name, for lack of anything else. But having said that, I suppose looking back, some records like Kohl, or the Anchorite, and Owl as well, are a bit more personal and are usually more modest and minimal and probably do actually sound like one person in a room playing music, so it's fitting that it's released under my own name. The other end of that would be Hala Strana or Ulaan Khol where I am going out of my way to try and make it sound more like a group of people playing at once." steven r.smith

"La Catacomb, purloined from a great abyss of uncertainty, is finally among us. The fourth album proper from Smith’s blisteringly psychedelic “power trio” guise, La Catacomb languished for a few years awaiting release from this label & that before landing at Soft Abuse HQ. La Catacomb is the perfect follow-up to Ulaan Khol’s Ceremony trilogy, offering more smoulder than flame, more rumination than provocation. Smith's meticulously-crafted heavy drones & drift have rarely sounded this harmonic and zoned. Once again, he's pushed further out. Edition of 200, with gratis download." soft abuse

cualquier cosa relacionada con jewelled antler y alguno de sus supervivientes es siempre una muy buena noticia


Anonymous said...

para Steven R. Smith siempre hay tiempo aunque al día le falten horas... Ulaan Khol ponitísima es casi proyecto favorindo del Steven R. Smith <3


ana said...

hala strana
hala strana
hala strana

Anonymous said...

old skete (2011):

adrián said...

lo tenía pendiente en aldea f. :) mi favorindo siempre será hala strana por mucho que conecte con ulaan khol. por cierts, un gran olvidado del jewelled antler son mirza (siempre lo digo) con steve de por medio.

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