microphones in the trees: miaux

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


"warm thick tears force their ways out of droopy eyes, children cover their ears and peppep is rubbing his underbelly with sandpaper. the general gloom Miaux aka Mia Prce spreads on her sandwiches is darker than tatort and could easily replace any soundtrack of a fassbinder movie, the sad joy of a lady from sarajevo pushing her entire hands into a keyboard, don't ask her for a encore or you'll receive a grim reward!

it seems that a new breath of electronic music is blowing over antwerp, all in a sort of kubin/depressed pop/late wave/instrumental suicide kind of style who knows where the hell it came from, orphan fairytale's early antics, cassis and colombo, radio centraal...comes in a orange stencil printed cover design by dennis tearfus, your hands will be orange after holding it, limited to 150 copies. no reissues" ultra eczema

un teclado de juguete, suspiria, drácula, fassbinder, carnival of souls y mil y una referencias cinematográficas para un disco sencillo, breve y muy evocador. en rotación junto a mittland och leo, 'from the grave' de umberto y 'an empty bliss beyond this world' de the caretaker.

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