microphones in the trees: andrew weathers / ancient ocean

Thursday, April 19, 2012

andrew weathers / ancient ocean

"plit cassette from Chapel Hill to Oakland, California transplant Andrew Weathers and Brooklyn-based John Bohannon (Ancient Ocean). best described as ambient americana~beautiful, haunting acoustic guitar and vocal ambiance that recalls an amorphous temporal/spatial american landscape. these songs focus on the human emotion inherent in comprehension that spans areas of unfathomable intimacy. these are songs of a new American folk and a direct line to the rawest feelings of the 21st century. from finger-picked reminiscence to color-washed soundfields and amber waves of ambient~Andrew Weathers and Ancient Ocean create a singular tape that perfectly captures the contradictions and complications of modern American music." rcn

seis fotos de américa, seis paisajes distintos, 'taking names blues' para empezar a volar


Anonymous said...

con tanta música bonita mis pies ya no tocan más el suelo :-)

golden pepit :-)

rafa said...


mar said...

esta es la musicala que necesito aqui y ahora que me siento tan lejos de casa... *