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Monday, April 02, 2012

ed askew | joshua burkett

"this is a collection of songs written, more or less, in the late 1970s and early 1980s in New Haven; mostly songs that had never been recorded before. it was all done in one session. with some retakes. i had only recently stopped performing and still knew everything by heart." ed askew

"fragile and enticing late-night, bed-time and beyond, psychedelic folk music for those not-so-well-balanced people who can still appreciate beauty in its roughest forms." aural innovations

"...full of appalachia, psychedelia, and raga. the tracks are spectral and smokey, astral projections for an astral mind." killing time kills

"after languishing in obscurity for decades, the music of idiosyncratic singer-songwriter Ed Askew is finally getting the attention it deserves. "Ask The Unicorn", his 1968 debut album for esp-disk, has often been compared to the work of labelmates Pearls Before Swine. Askew's equally wonderful second album, Little Eyes, was recorded a few years later but remained unreleased until the De Stijl label pressed a limited edition lp in 2003. this year, they finally made it available on cd. although Askew once accompanied himself on a kind of Latin American soprano guitar called a tiple, carpal tunnel syndrome now prevents him from playing. For this live session, contemporary psychedelic folk artist Joshua Burkett plays the instrument for him." Hatch wfmu

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