microphones in the trees: sunny dunes | sylvia monnier

Monday, April 30, 2012

sunny dunes | sylvia monnier

"...Kira Perov lists avant composers Steve Reich and Terry Riley, ambient droners Laurie Spiegel and Leyland Kirby, and Krautrockers Tangerine Dream as some of his influences,...it would be easy to see Sunny Dunes at home on a bill with other new electronic introverts such as Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never, or the rosters of such notable home recorded and eclectic digital likes of Not Not Fun.

Sunny Dunes is an ideal soundtrack for my expat ennui, as Kira Perov weaves almost wistful scores out of rolling synths, tablaesque drumming and shifting astral melodies. Sunny Dunes is minimal without being unimaginative, warmly analog but at arm's length, like an outsider's perspective." impose

"Sylvia Monnier aka Sunny Dunes vient de sortir Colors, en free download, trois somptueux titres, une musique de nuit composée au Mopho qui vous fera pleurer en rêvant" cronique

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