microphones in the trees: laraaji

Friday, October 11, 2013


"Laraaji starting out playing his specially modified electric autoharp on the streets of 70s New York City. His first album Celestial Vibration (recorded under birth name Edward Larry Gordon) was recently reissued by Soul Jazz Records. Brian Eno came across him one night playing in Washington Square Park, and invited him to record an album for his Ambient series (the seminal Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance).

In the 80s Laraaji self-released a prolific series of experimental home-recorded cassette albums which were sold on the street, in psychic bookstores and new age ‘head shops’. An early proponent of the DIY tape underground that is still thriving today amongst artists working in noise, synth, drone and other left-of-the-dial genres. The first disc of this collection is the first time some of the sounds from this period have been given a wider release ~ a treasure trove of tape manipulated harp jams and space age soul hymns." mount analog

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