microphones in the trees: alice armand

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

alice armand

"I still don’t quite know what to make of this after a few years and quite a few listens. According to the liner notes “after 8 years of living in the wilderness of her Adirondack farm” the 1940′s movie starlet was spontaneously inspired to write and record music “as the result of some happening”. Bewildering, right? Well, the sounds housed within the ancient home-pasted jacket are equally puzzling. Aside from the patriotic theme (with unexplained male vocal) that opens the lp, and an esoteric keyboard instrumental, it’s a showcase of “Erica’s” rather inept vocals and Hawaiian guitar playing. Overall it’s a unique and intimate trip with a strange, sometimes creepy vibe, and a few truly inspired moments. The most logical conclusion I’ve come up with is that this was intended as some sort of songwriting demo." waxidermy

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