microphones in the trees: jack kerouac / alen ginsberg

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

jack kerouac / alen ginsberg

"Counter Culture Chronicles has released on cassette a rare recording of Jack Kerouac at home in Northport, where he lived from 1958 to 1964. We hear Kerouac reading from his work while getting drunk and occasionally singing along with Frank Sinatra records that are being played in the background. Kerouac is clearly having a good time and takes the listener on a lucid deconstructionist trip, in which American popular culture is turned upside down and inside out. The recording covers the full 90 minutes of the cassette and is roughly cut, which adds to the directness and informal atmosphere of the material. Have a seat and get filled to the brim with Kerouac’s intoxicated mind. You won’t get up again." sea urchin

sold out ~ download

 alen ginsberg ~ london mantra (sloow tapes, 2014)

"solo recordings of Allen Ginsberg playing a small hand-pumped harmonium from India and singing mantras and songs to the cosmos. these recordings were made in the early seventies by the American poet and bibliographer George Dowden. from the vaults of Gerard Bellaart’s Cold Turkey Press (who also made the cover). 100 copies." sloow tapes

"London Mantra consists of songs, Buddhist chants and mantras (including some that Ginsberg explains were taught to him by the legendary Trogyam Trungpa Rinpoche) while he plays his small Indian hand-pumped harmonium. the results are beautiful, minimal holy music, with Ginsberg omming into the void over ascending drone patterns and with a cool audio verite appeal with lots of interesting asides and chatter." volcanic tongue 

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