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Friday, October 24, 2014

sigríður níelsdóttir

"charming and quite unbelievable mix of lo fidelity experimentation from 70 year old Icelandic Sigríður Níelsdóttir with Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir. some of the 21 tracks feel like straight up lounge music one man band type of jams, others like lullabies, others just truly out there. mad cap creativity given a Casio and a 4 track recorder an no inhibitions. this is a selection of tracks from a documentary film of the same name..." guide me little tape

"in the world of outsider music, somewhere between the early cassette recordings of Daniel Johnston and the keyboard stylings of Wesley Willis lie the lo-fi sounds of Sigríður Níelsdóttir. However, outside of Iceland, where she lived as an adored cult figure in the country's music scene, her music is far lesser known than either of them. Sigríður began recording songs on a double cassette deck in her living room at the tender age of 70, using a Casio keyboard and anything else she could find to create the sounds she imagined for a song. over the course of seven prolific years, she recorded and released 59 albums containing 687 songs. 

this collection contains nearly an hour of Sigríður's "greatest hits," carefully selected by the makers of the film Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir, and serves as both a catalog-spanning introduction to her music and a soundtrack to the film Amma Lo-Fi (Grandma Lo-Fi). as a label, we have dreamed of releasing a collection like this since we first fell in love with Sigríður's music over a decade ago, so we are unbelievably happy to finally be able to bring you these limited edition orange cassettes with full-color inserts." hornbuckle

la abuelita finlandesa lo-fi. demasiado bonito para ser verdad, pero es verdad.

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