microphones in the trees: photograph of the year 2006

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

photograph of the year 2006


ana said...

que me perdone el/la responsable, pero la encontré trasteando por ahí y no consigo recordar donde. alzheimer lo llaman

Anonymous said...

eso es disfrutar la vie!

ana said...

May, want to play
if you stay, what a day, hurray
some ballet on the hay
catch a stray bluejay..mmm..mmm

Lee, want to see
bumble bee, up the tree, it's me
Time for tea
A to Z, gee it's so easy..mmm..mmm

Run to the sun, oh it's fun
I can tell who won
All or none, now it's done
and the tale is spun..mmm.mmm!!

CaradLuna said...

Quien tuviera esa casa y esas vistas y esa niña en el columpio para sacerle una foto :-)