microphones in the trees: donovan quinn & the 13th month

Friday, September 12, 2008

donovan quinn & the 13th month

"The son of Dave Carter, bassist & vocalist for legendary 60's psychedelic group Country Weather, and named after Mr. Leitch, Quinn grew up on a horse ranch in Walnut Creek, and began writing songs at an early age. Donovan's growing reputation as a first rate darkly romantic penman (thanks to contributions to The Skygreen Leopards and solo as Verdure) has culminated with his latest endeavor, a new solo vehicle known as Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month.

Rather than aping or ducking genres, Quinn has crafted a bright spectrum of songs best described as 'American.' Folk, languid pop, loner country, and west coast psych are touchstones, with Quinn's singular lyrical abilities & taste for sun-baked song. Ever the flower bed romantic, Quinn has, at the risk of over-simplification, written a classic "break-up record;". Though not exactly lost in a sea of scarves, Quinn is indebted to the vulnerability, humor and bitterness present in the works of Ronnie Lane, Skip Spence, Nikki Sudden, Gene Clark and Basement Tapes-era Dylan. Weaving earthy melodies around Quinn's characteristically hazy vocals is The 13th Month: a small rotating cast of players that includes Jason Quever (Papercuts), Karl Bauer (Axolotl), Hélène Renaut, and Jess Roberts." soft abuse

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Soft Abuse said...


Can you please remove the link to download this album?

Donovan spent a lot of time and money on this record - as have I. We love for people to hear the record, but frankly can only continue to exist with financial support. Thanks for your understanding and prompt attention to this matter.

Chris / Soft Abuse