microphones in the trees: second family band

Friday, September 26, 2008

second family band


qué alegría al escuchar el nuevo proyecto de Clay Ruby (abajo a la izquierda con gafas y pelo rubio), el gurú de una cadena que empieza con Davenport y sigue así...: The Davenport Family, The Grass Magic, Thee Botanical Shrine Band, Zodiac Mountain, All Do Gather, Organon, Candiru, The Crowned and Conquering Children, A Mercury Ensemble, Orthodox Blood Orchestra, The Midwestern Mudslide Hootenanny and Free Pentecostal Family Jams, Outlet, Jesus Balls, Mirror Man and th' Oshun Oxtra...

ahora, en Second Family Band, una jam band en toda regla, le acompañan William Lee, T Endless, Nico Kain, Clay Ruby, Woodman, Theresa Behnen, Tyler Olsen, Jonathan Matthews, Clay Kolbinger, Lyx Ish, db Pedersen, Mansfield, Nic Stage, Karen Eliot, John Gould, Justin May...y un larguísimo etcétera
futuras grabaciones: Second Family - Unlimited Devotion LP (ourecordings) {{someday}}, Second Family - Harihara River b/w Bram Stoked Her (Funeral Folk) {{soon}} , Second Family meets Anla Courtis - Gangun Guru (Chocolate Monk) {{ soon}} , Second Family - Dirty River b/w Chhinnamasta Cuts Through Mind Jam (sloow tapes) {{soon}}, Second Family - Wisconsin Gospel (ourecordings) {{soon}}

de las seis canciones que se pueden escuchar en su página ya tengo favorita: "4 and 4 is", otra canción-mantra vibrante y maravillosa al estilo no-neck blues band. escuchadla e imaginad cómo podrá llegar a ser el disco entero...


gris-gris said...

flotando!!! disco ya...

pd.: enganchado a message to bears :)


Anonymous said...

do u have any of these that u can post to download??? i would love to get some of this. i love davenport and the likes. thanx

Anonymous said...

Suenan muy bién!!!

Y yo que creía que Clay Ruby estaba dedicado exclusivamente a mundos "oscuros" con Burial Hex.

Gracias por el post!

Anonymous said...

Ourecordings será un sello exclusivo de la banda?

no hay página web del sello

Anonymous said...

Ya disponible en Chocolate Monk!

NEW SHIT!!!!!!!!

Second Family Meets Anla Courtis – Gangun Guru cdr

Ascending from the stink haze of Zodiac Mountain, the Davenport Family, Jesus Balls and a ton of other drooled out Wisconsin jam bands comes The Second Family, a troupe focused on growing green, green roots in your hear holes. This has got a sweet fidelity too which means you can let the leaf in yr lug grow big. The clan are joined here by the wise blood of Buenos Aries mountain man Anla Courtis, adding some zoink guitar gristle and subtle wyrd magic. For them kids who get misty for the early WW&theVV daze.


ana said...

suso, yo tampoco he encontrado nada de ourecordings...y sí suena a sello exclusivo del grupo.
también aparece una cassette (dirty river) en sloow tapes:


lo de wisconsin gospel suena a que puede estar muy bien :)

anonymous i don't have any recordings yet, sorry

ana said...

adrianus, me alegro de que te guste message to birds.. y cuánto tarda esa referencia a josephine :)