microphones in the trees: maailma

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"Debut record for this free folk trio collaboration between Laura Naukkarinen from Lau Nau and Kristian & Matti from Vinter, featuring out-of-tune meandering, slow paced walking-tunes, and folk songs of a tradition invented on the spot, with delicate female vocals over plucked, bent, bowed and hammered strings: from the fragile lyricism of "Saa puu" or "Pimeyden viimeinen säde," over the insect battle grounds and lonely wanderlust of "Pitkä matka," to the eerie, desolate wastelands of "Ishavets sång," where lonely, ghost-like voices drift over the frozen bass strings of the dampened piano, sounding "...as if already drifting under the ice," as someone said of the poet Heym. Vinyl edition of 133 copies, with paste-on art on recycled paper, hand-drawn labels and an insert." tjärnen


Anonymous said...

Pues gracias a el nejo y caracoles!

No conocía ni el grupo ni el sello,
y tiene buena pinta.

Ni tampoco conocía el disco de muffin que me ha gustado bastante.

Anonymous said...

Por cierto, he encontrado otro grupo que también se llama Maailma,
pero son harina de otro costal:


Anonymous said...

Si está Lau Nau, hay que bajarlo,

Anonymous said...

Me está gustando mucho este disco!!!

Por cierto, las fotos de tomato senya son muy muy chulas.

Rev. William Ellis Bradley said...

Hey! If you still have a digital copy of this, could you e-mail / something it to me? I've been attempting to get it for a lonnnnggg time. Thanks - Rev.WEB