microphones in the trees: landscape vol. I: the forest

Thursday, October 16, 2008

landscape vol. I: the forest

"Forestes, the most important influence for "Centre of Wood" label, of every kind and in every part of the world, are a magic place where to get lost and then find our deep relation with the nature. 14 bands from the acoustic, drone, lo-fi and free folk underground called to rappresent through music their relation with these places. The result is this cd-r that contains more than 60 minutes of weird music. The projects and the bands involved are : Tim Coster; Donato Epiro; Nebelung; Vapaa; Chora; Aalto; throuRoof; Eyes like Saucers; The Katie Winter; Belly Boat; Prague; Es; Las Vegas Club; We Wait for the Snow. Listening to this compilation is like getting lost in a immense green forest, walking through its trees, meet the eyes of its creatures...The packaging is composed of a brown and green heavy cardboard, closed with a small branch and a brown cotton thread, with an insert in perfect d.i.y. old style. limited to 120 numbered copies" centre of wood

por y para fans :)


Anonymous said...

taking, thank you! would you happen to have the track listing though?

Anonymous said...

I] Tim Coster - Spring Path
myspace.com/timcoster - intergalactim@gmail.com

II] Donato Epiro - To Take a Fire in a Forest
myspace.com/tubivuoti - donato.epiro@libero.it

III] Nebelung – Ausklang
nebelung-musik.de - stefan@nebelung-musik.de

IV] Vapaa - Night of Irregular Waves
myspace.com/vapaa - tiitus83@hotmail.com

V] Chora – Hours
myspace.com/chora - chorachorachora@yahoo.com

VI] Aalto – Vedenneito
myspace.com/etnoaalto - antero.mentu@gmail.com

VII] ThrouRoof – Not from Here
myspace.com/throuroof - throuroof@gmail.com

VIII] Eyes Like Saucers - Fear ... part Two
eyeslikesaucers.com - parmaleedog@yahoo.com

IX] The Katie Winter – Thin Air
myspace.com/thekatiewinter - info@uncleblack.com

X] Belly Boat – Agnus Dei
bellyboatmusic.com - bellyboat@gmail.com

XI] Prague - Where the Wild Things Are
myspace.com/pragueband - alessandro.viccaro@gmail.com

XII] Es – Sadepäivät
escycle.com – sami@fonal.com

XIII] Las Vegas Club - Countryside Variations
myspace.com/lasvegasclub - joebasebelongtous@yahoo.com

XIV] We Wait for the Snow – Awakening in the Forest
myspace.com/wewaitforthesnow - centreofwood@libero.it


: )
thanks for your lovely interested & support Microphones in the trees!
andrea / centre of wood

Anonymous said...

¡ésa es la actitud! me refiero a que no pidieron que quitaras el link... vaya ganas de compartir, promover y desbordar el saco de las ganas para comprar cosa tan linda y mágica :)))))

Anonymous said...

you've got the best blog!! love all the freak folk stuff. still waiting for some second family band if it ever comes out. thanks a bunch)))))

ana said...

thank you so much andrea! your label is just a little treasure.

totalmente caracola, y leyendo su carta de presentación te das cuenta de que todo va unido.
el diseño es una pasada, con el palito de madera y la cuerda de lana...me llegó hace poco y de verdad que huele a bosque :) también pedí dos de we wait for the snow y, como uno estaba agotado, el propio andrea me envió una copia promocional totalmente gratis y dedicada. en fin, que así da gusto

anonymous thanks for your words, still waiting me too :)

jessica said...
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Anonymous said...

eyes! like! saucers!

Ecstatic Peace! said...