microphones in the trees: evening fires

Sunday, October 05, 2008

evening fires

evening fires - figures of earth (digitalis ltd 2008)

"evening fires is a quartet of pennsylvanians, featuring members of clear spots and nessmuk, as well as the brains behind the deep water acres website & label. they're busy guys, but still found the time last summer and fall to crank out a set of backporch jams and slipstream electric boogaloos. they get help on banjo and mandolin on a few tracks, too, beefing up the downhome goodness. what really makes "figures of earth" such a stunning album is the diversity that doesn't take away from the overall flow. kraut-infused songs fit seemlessly next to something reminiscent of the black twigs. they don't fight it out, they just keep it mellow and roll on down the way. using an array of instrumentation from guitars, synths, and drums to saxophone, bodhran, and tabla, you get a lot of mileage out of these 47 minutes. the perfect soundtrack to your summer roadtrip. limited to 73 handnumbered copies." digitalis

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