microphones in the trees: pocahaunted

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


"Originally the vision for Chains was "fucked up Tom Tom Club palm tree pop" (or something) but, as often happens when Manda & Bethany get in the studio with too much smart water and too many wisecracks, shit changed as soon as the 8-track tape started to roll. Oh well. The results are still rad and weird, 4 diverse songs that dance between post-rocky grooves, shoegaze drama, drugged funk, and Fleetwood Mac. The LP also does a good job of capturing what the Pocahaunted live set was like for most of the spring of '08: torrential, dramatic, rhythmic, estrogenic. Bobb Bruno kicked in some serious arrangement assistance, and pro-friend Josh Klinghoffer helped with some sick drum stumbles too. On champagne pale yellow vinyl, in jackets with art by the band. On Cali Dewitt's labor-of-love Teardrops label." nnf

"We’re not dark people, and we’re not spooky. We like to move and be moved; we like to dance and feel rhythmic. This album just reflects that." amanda

vuelven, y con el espíritu de Fleetwood Mac flotando en Oh Woe, un pequeño homenaje a The Chain de Fleetwood Mac (canción de la vida). ¿o lo habré soñado? :)


Anonymous said...

!!!¿Otro más de las Pocahaunted?!!!

Tantos discos editados en tan poco tiempo ya me cansa... y hace que me acabe aburriendo antes de algunos grupos.

Y ya me direis como haceis para tener los discos colgados,
cuando los originales aún están recién editados, y ni siquiera disponibles en las tiendas.

Anonymous said...

Magia potagia..que mítica frase.

Pues yo no me canso de pocahaunted, desde que las descubrí ellas si que me parecen magia potagia :-)


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