microphones in the trees: sephiroth's knot

Friday, October 31, 2008

sephiroth's knot

"Jow Jow, also known as Sephiroth's Knot or just Sephiroth is a Free-Improv, Psych Music Collective drawing influence from a broad pallet ranging from Sun Ra to the Godz "Third Wave" with a penchant for the obscure sound or instrument. Contains members of Feathers, Red Favorite & Bunwinkies. Born from nightly imbibing of the magic antler. Feel the Wreath." spirit of orr

foto: kittyanais


Anonymous said...

cada semana está más alto el nivel de este blog,
dificil superarlo... :(

Anonymous said...

Una preguntillla,
el disco sephiroth's knot - in concert (cdr 2006), que habeis puesto para bajar, ¿es el mismo editado en el sello Spirit of Orr?:

Es que el del sello Spirit of Orr no tiene título.

Anonymous said...

Creo que ya he encontrado la respuesta a mi pregunta,
aquí está la discografía del grupo:

Son discos distintos.

ana said...

sí son discos distintos, ¿suso?. acabo de subir también el de spirit of orr.
por cierto, sephiroth's knot es también Jow Jow. vaya lío!

c said...

can you post another link to the spirit of orr lp? thanks
this continues to be one of my favorite blogs!

drab said...

yeah man can you please up the s/t again? this blog is one of my absolute favourites. found so many gems here.

Opium said...

s/t no corre su link, porfavor!, subalo otra ves, se agradese de antemano.

ana said...

sorry, try now

redmarshgrass said...

Thanks for the new link - keep up the good work!

Opium said...


Anonymous said...

greetings to your blog, from Embertime, mellow guitar project.