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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"thee seven storey mountain, May 2008. Edition of 30 cd'rs in sewn, Spirographed sleeves, with typewritten insert on graph paper. Available only at Cursillistas shows..."
"Matt Lajoie, mastermind behind Portland, Maine’s L’animaux Tryst label, returns as Cursillistas and delves deeper into folk’s freakish heart, tribal beats, echo chambers, and chugging rhythms..." electric voice phenomenon

arrebatadoramente bonito, con una atmósfera similar a los discos de matt valentine & erika elder, al primero de panda bear, a trees, chants and hollers de valerie webb & paul labrecque,...


Ecstatic Peace! said...

CURSILLISTAS' Maia Maiestas cassette series we be up for sale in semi-auction-style in a couple days' time. Email lanimaux [at] gmail [dot] com to be put on the list to receive an announcement when they are available.

Ecstatic Peace! said...

Logro bajarlo, pero no puedo reproducirlo.
Con otros archivos de ese mismo formato no tengo problema.

Ecstatic Peace! said...

howdy lunar listeners,
it's been awhile since a real moonblood COM was birthed, so we offer you COM 33, mv & ee "hick smoke". mainly recorded at maximum arousal farm in pure analog - this one is limited to 99 copies and COMes in a heavy oilboard sleeve with color covers, insert and astral dimensions in spectrasound. ayup, SPECTRASOUND. a good new year palette/pallet cleanser for the 'too much is not enough' synapse. hope you all are diggin' the arrival of the capricorn moon. eternal thanx for a great year...

"hick smoke"

1. nodes
2. interstellar allah
3. drug buff
4. woodlawn
5. the best it ever was
6. drone offcut
7. poor high sky

featuring contributions from the golden road (doc dunn/mike smith), jeremy earl (woods), asa irons (feathers, et. al).

$16 post paid in the USA, $21 world
while supplies last!
paypal to starsailors@msn.com

contact before pay: lunarmv@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...


Does anyone have a jpg of the cover artwork?

Ecstatic Peace! said...


Ecstatic Peace! said...

l-t-(f)-r 018: CURSILLISTAS' Maia Maiestas cassette series
The explanation is fully here, but here's the short-form typed version: once a day for the 31 days of May 2008, Cursillistas sat down before a cassette recorder and improvised a 20-minute performance onto a white c-20 cassette tape. These master tapes were then hand-painted by Dawn Marna, and packaged in or with items found throughout the course of that day. These 31 master tapes are now on sale in the most limited of editions - one of one - each hand painted and packaged uniquely to match the unique performance captured on each tape.
The tapes are not going up auction-style, but because there is only one copy available of each tape it's a strict first-come, first-served deal. Limit is one per customer, so if you're interested in more than one tape, please rank them in the order in which you'd like them - in the event your first choice has already sold, you will receive your #2, and so on. The price is $15 US or $18 Worldwide, postage paid. If we're shipping your tape with your Tryst Haunt 7"s the price is $13.
There are images, explanations, and sound samples (1.5 minutes from each side of each tape) online here - just click on the date to open a page with images and streaming audio. Once you know what tape you want, email lanimaux@gmail.com with your ranked list and we'll give you further instructions.

ana said...

dan ganas de comprárselas todas!

Ecstatic Peace! said...

Por la cabeza se me pasó lo de poder tener todas.
He escuchado 10 samplers de las cintas, y todas merecen la pena.

Pero estamos en lo de siempre,
hay artistas que editan tal cantidad de discos que llega un momento que es imposible tener, comprar, almacenar, escuchar,... todo.
Es humanamente imposible.

Posiblemente bastantes cintas de ésta tan peculiar edición que han hecho Cursillistas acabarán en ebay.

Mi copia la guardaré como un pequeño tesoro.

Para principios del 2009, Time-lag reeditará en Lp otro disco, que fué muy limitado, de Cursillistas, "Les Biches".
Compra obligada.

disconcerted said...

I've uploaded my Maia Maiestas tape on my blog, go take a listen.

ana said...

thanks! :)