microphones in the trees: mv & ee

Saturday, December 27, 2008

mv & ee

"Recorded at Sheffield's Heeley Institute in 2006, this lp by Matt Valentine & Erika Elder finds the prolific duo stripped to barest most essential selves. There's no heavy fuzz or psychedelic chicanery on this lp, just supremely eloquent acoustic blues and some magnificently bizarre and off-kilter slide guitar. The seven songs collected here show that for all their perceived otherness and tendencies toward fuzztone digressions, or twenty-minute rehearsal room experiments, mv & ee are highly gifted musicians, and Valentine's fingerpicking is as sensitive, articulate, and for that matter proficient, as they come. Playing through songs that proven to be live staples this surely stands as one of the very best recordings of the duo's music from this time and one of the purest, cleanest documents of their unique sound..." boomkat


Francisco Antonio Martínez Carratalá said...

Queremos las listas del año ya! y en forma de chapa!

Soy fran, antes kingofsnails, me chaparon el fotolog y ahora también ando por aquí. felices fiestas y seguir así

Anonymous said...

exelente but track 1 is a quality problemo - grazie

ana said...

fran, me alegro de volver a tenerte localizado. haré una lista de veinte o así...pero lo de la chapa está difícl :)). y la tuya??

ana said...

anonymous, thanks for telling me, i'll try to find another right track