microphones in the trees: stag hare

Saturday, December 06, 2008

stag hare

"What a bad-ass Stag Hare cd! From the get-go it feels as though I’m being transported into a head-spinning voodoo dance with witch doctors exorcising negative spirits out of my entranced Indian-style seated, immobile body. Pull out the narcotics? Grab the Ouija board? Frolic naked through the forest? The possibilities are endless. Great loops. Tribal beats. Calming voice echoes. Hippy guitar. Harmonica. Tranquil chimes. Flutes and tambourines! Everything seems to be used! It’s like a group of slackers came across an Indian burial ground and got possessed by the spirits residing there—only no nightmare…just the peace-pipe. Hell, the title says it all, “Black Medicine Music”. Nice bi-fold card sleeve. One of the coolest disc designs ever. And I’ve always been a sucker for handwritten liner notes on the inside. Self-released magic. Definitely an anytime album. Stimulate your chakras. 9/10" foxy digitalis

"...as far as comparisons go here, Stag Hare stands strong along side Kranky artists Bird Show or White Rainbow (Adam Forkner actually mastered the album), though he is definitely working at carving out his own nitch. Black Medicine Music is a beautiful, glowing mark on map of Salt Lake City experimental music, even without the incense." forest gospel

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