microphones in the trees: these feathers have plumes

Monday, December 22, 2008

these feathers have plumes

"These Feather Have Plumes have created one of the most memorable and intoxicating drone-based recordings that I have experienced in quite some time. Employing primarily double bass coupled with subtly manipulate and looped field recordings, the compositions drift languidly across the aural spectrum like ghostly tendrils of fog and smoke over a moonlit harbor..." period tapes
miembros del grupo: andie brown ~ bass, double bass, accordion, melodica, guitar (badly), wine glasses, harmonica, mobile phone, breathing, humming, found sound
influencias: the sea, skylarks, bells, trees, books, wine, the barbara hepworth sculpture garden, friends, family, cindytalk (and specifically, The Wind is Strong)


Anonymous said...

Ana - thank you for the compliment and for pairing my music with this beautiful photograph.

ana said...

hi andie, thanks to you :)

Giuseppe Sartorio said...

Hi there!
thank you for sharing my photo.
my son found these plumes at the lake..

ana said...

you're welcome giuseppe, i fall in love with this photo everytime i see it. thanks for bring it back

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