microphones in the trees: inspired school of astral music

Friday, October 19, 2012

inspired school of astral music

"the music on this cassette is recommended to be used in conjunction with a Light Excluding Mask (LEM) and experienced with headphones on in a tranquil environment. journey beyond forced reality to your inner mind space and explore it. pay attention to what you encounter. this cassette is a tool to help you enter your personal Enhanced Lucid Realm (ELR). there are no restrictions to what you can achieve." isam

"the source of all music is universal. the realms of astral music are manifold; a natural hierarchy exists organically."

"good for you, Stalker Recall & Inspired School of Astral Music, to not have a web presence. hard for you, fan of alien drone, to procure a copy of this I’m sure. slow descent of UFOs onto the burning front lawns of isolated farmers, crews of loggers returning from work or wave-drunk sea captains. Stalker Recall flow out like a smoother-sounding version of Telecult Powers, the sound is more coalesced, but heavily rooted in the bubbles between oscillations. totally worth the buy if you can find it, but it sounds like something your astral spirit may have to procure." foxy digitalis

"split release with Psychic Sounds. Birthed as Bill Doob, Inspired School of Astral Music is Sam Jones of Million Brazilians, who also played drums in a few Kansas City bands before departing for Portland a few years ago. the synth-driven solo project of Jones' captures minimal synth explorations in the tradition of Brian Eno's "Ambient" series, early New Age explorer's and moments of Terry Riley's tape loop melodies. more of a conceptual project that also features essays with each release and concentrating on deep meditation and out-of-body experiences, ISAM will surely bring the calm, float your brain and drift your body." psychic sounds

"dreams of the void
diverging from a path
where we can find another way"

recorded by bill doob.
insired school of astral music
lucidity phase temple trilogy


lexor 7 said...

Where did these alternative covers come from?

ana said...

hi lexor, from jacqueline riman, sara eisenlohr & moog archives (except the first one)