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Saturday, April 13, 2013

jon appleton

"the four works of this recording were composing by Jon Appleton using a digital synthesizer he help develop. called the Synclavier it is manufactured by New England digital Corp., in Norwich, Vermont. The Synclavier is a perfomance instrument although the first piece of this recording, the sweet dreams of miss pamela beach was a 'studio' piece. the twenty-four track studio, Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm, was used to layer the musical material. the Synclavier II itself has a sixteen track recorder itself but this is limited by the number of oscillators cointaned in the instrument; in this case, twenty-four.

Sashasonjon, Kapingamarangi and Nukuoro were perfomed live, as they are in concert, by the composer. most of the material is performed directly although some small sections and accompaniments are contained in the digital memory of the instrument at the time of perfomance.

Jon Appleton has been composing electroacustic music since 1963.  his early work was a form of music concrete and can be heard on the Folkways recording "the world music theatre of Jon Appleton". in 1973 he began a collaboration with engineers Sydney Alonso and Cameron Jones and produced the first portable digital synthesizer. works composed on this system can be heard on the Folkways recording "the dartmouth digital synthesizer"

Appleton continued his collaboration and produced several other systems leading to the first digital perfomance instrument to be manufactured, the Synclavier. since 1977 Appleton has been performing his works for Synclavier in concert both in Europe and the United States. he is a professor of music at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire."

ésta es una de las cosas por las que me encantan los compilados, por hallazgos tan especiales como éste al que sólo puedo responder con un gracias infinito a Daniel Urria.


filo said...

bueno de verdad*

gesticulador said...

Que bueno que te gustó tanto. Estoy escuchando el de Mammane Sani ahora. Delicioso. Gracias.