microphones in the trees: guenter schlienz / mortuus auris & the black hand

Thursday, November 20, 2014

guenter schlienz / mortuus auris & the black hand

"following a series of highly acclaimed releases on Gift Tapes, SicSic and his own Cosmic Winnetou label, among others, mood-modular maestro Guenter Schlienz presents a collection of works utilising tape loops and acoustic instruments as well as his familiar modular undulations. 

It is a rich combination that takes Guenter's sound off through music halls, into the clouds and then back again to the self. this is deeply focussed and reflective work that rounds off this series of 10 s.i.n.k. cds releases in perfect stye. study hard, loop soft." s.i.n.k. cds

"Peter Taylor's understated yet consistently powerful drone project has been releasing since 2008, with this gastrodynamic double-cd collection bringing together a suite of digestion-themed pieces and a continuous track of seven food-based parts (Gochujang, Tempeh, Edamame, Tamari, Doenjang, Tianmianjiang, Miso). 

on Digestiv Komune, shimmered drone cushions hollow chimes and tribo-industrial drum patterns, imparting a clarity of (outer) space ambient to the inner realms of body feelings. the movement of the second course, Sand Timer, through eased-up orchestration, foreign murmurings, stuttering drone and rupturing sample work, makes you think someone spiked that first course... chow down, feel it in your gut." s.i.n.k. cds

"Guenter Schlienz is an ambient genius" Matt Kattman (The Rainbow Body)

...mil veces sí.

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