microphones in the trees: row

Saturday, November 15, 2014


"the trail forged by London’s pastoral hymn leaders now finds itself submerged under the smog-laden skies of Toronto, as 2/5ths of the group start up their new imprint with this album of disarmingly mellow instrumentals. as a duo, the sounds crafted by Kevin Cahill and Cheryl Fraser place an emphasis on the more fragile and ambient elements of their compositions, carrying a heightened awareness of each incoming sound. empty spaces are either filled with reverberation or the remnants of a morning daydream. the glass ceiling in our mind opens up just as the clouds decide to let themselves go. we can feel the precipitating sound as we’re soaked with synesthesia. accompanying notes trickle out at a pace set by a human clock, pressing comfort on our ills and washing the stress out from the storm. grip gently." weird canada

reedbeds, serfs, fallen axe, guitarras, lap steel, teclados, melodías de porches y atardeceres... me repito pero, demasiado bonito para decir que es bonito. escuchad 'unsettled', 'endless cycles', 'sighted echo', 'another soul' (aquí hay un pequeño atisbo de 'the hired hand'), 'there once was...', 'in a hiding place',...todas.

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