microphones in the trees: Sabir Mateen / Daniel Carter / Andrew Barker

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sabir Mateen / Daniel Carter / Andrew Barker

sabir mateen/daniel carter/andrew barker - not on earth…. in your soul! (qbico, 2006)

"The Italian label Qbico is always full of surprises and rarely fails to impress. With this LP we are treated with one of the most inspiring and energetic free-jazz performances of the year. The amazing drumming by Andrew Barker, the back and forth action between the two horn players and the chanted vocals make for an exhilarating and ecstatic experience. Also great about the label is their use of artwork. This one in particular is breathtaking. The musicians are captured in a moment which perfectly reflects their joyful and energetic playing." bubbachups (motel de moka)
"When discussing any record put out on the Qbico label, one must first address the visual aspects, as they play such an important role in how the record is initially received. At Qbico the ideal is to create records that are in and of themselves significant objects beyond the fact that they transmit some wonderful sounds. Where the tendency of previous Qbico releases has been to rely heavily on an array of psychedelic colors, this release by Daniel Carter, Andrew Barker and Sabir Mateen functions on a level of visual subtlety. The cover is an elegant black and white photo of the three players; Carter up front, Barker in the mid-ground and Sabir Mateen bathed in a wonderful light in the background. The light featured in this photograph, alludes to the transcendental nature of the album’s title; “Not on Earth… In Your Soul.” The record itself is a beautiful translucent, smoky grey color that further enhances the overall feel.What has been created here is a perfect merging of image, text and sound as the physical object begins to reveal what is awaiting the listener between the sleeve tucked deep away inside those tiny grooves. The sound itself is an attempt to describe the transcendental experience of the text; slowly taking you up and out to some real deep moments of pure ecstatic freedom. The first side begins slow and mellow with some flute and clarinet but as soon as the drums kick in the experience soon evolves into some heavier moments that still latch onto the airiness of the beginning. The face ends with some moving vocal improvisations that almost sound like directions on how to get to the space that the music is about to head when the record is flipped. The second side begins right where the first left off launching into some very groove oriented drumming with chanted vocals and some back and forth action between the two horn players. This is the point where these gentlemen really hit their peak; taking the listener out… way out, or better yet in and then… gone… only to be brought back to earth by the enthusiastic sounds of the crowd as the musicians take their bow. 9/10" cory card (foxy digitalis)
mi último amor: Not on earth...in your soul! otro de esos tesoros que descubres gracias a una lista de favoritos, en este caso de Bubbachups. la realización de un sueño, condensar en dos canciones una noche mágica de la mano de tres magos. in your soul, una canción que enamora más y más... out of the blues & wild free jazz


Little Turtle said...

si se cita a valle inclan en el blog y todo:

Barbola, la hija
de la panadera,
la que suele darme
tortas con manteca,
porque algunas veces
hacemos yo y ella
las bellaquerías
detrás de la puerta.

Little Turtle said...

la portada del disco me llama poderosamente, tiene pinta de ruidaco.

ana said...

sip, es ruidaco pero tampoco demasiado...:)

Ecstatic Peace! said...

Gran disco!!!

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