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Saturday, March 31, 2007

davenport family

davenport family - at the foot of zodiac mountain (meudiademorte, cassette 2007)

"one sided 35minutes long jam. their very last jam withmask of the davenport clan on their faces, free-form improvisational folk performed on walpurgis, clay rubys brithday by clay ruby, t endless, woodman, johnny d, billy lee, nico kain, aaron laurant, tyler olson.limited to 230 copies." meudiademorte

"Ultra limited release from the Davenport Family, the extended lineup of free folkers Davenport, released on the Meudiademorte label. This is a single 35 minute jam, and it is a monster, sure there's the usual, clattery percussion, distant folky jangle, shimmery ambience, but shit here gets way more fierce and scary. Some massive slow motion stripped down folk doom. Epic sludgy rhythms, a plodding crashing thud, demarcating a harsh landscape of wild tribal drumming, strange echoe-y vocals, streaks of guitar feedback, like some krautrock free folk doom metal Taj Mahal Travellers or something. Everything blown out and abstract, hung loosely around a relentless rhythmic death march, trawling through dense clouds of damaged fx, dubbed out drums, clattery percussion and huge bassy throbs. Tribal and primitive, spacey and majestic, pounding and surprisingly brutal for a bunch of hippy free folk misfits. Awesome!!" aquarius

the spells we know (mp3 de 'the hands of worm heaven')
taking on the rails (mp3 de 'free country')
propeller invocations (mp3 de 'rabbit's foot propeller')
agwe breath (mp3 de 'rabbit's foot propeller')
deul for a sun (mp3 de 'rabbit's foot propeller')


Anonymous said...

casi nada, una cosa suave de Davenport... :D

me encantó el post, jope q sorpresa


Anonymous said...

la verdad es que hoy en día se puede disfrutar tanto de4 la música como de las portadas :-)

ana said...

hoy en día :)