microphones in the trees: caethua

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


caethua - queenly women crowned and uncrowned (abandon ship 2008)

"Cold marriages of growing up in the snow covered cornfields of upstate New York, moldy nylon-stringed guitars, a hissing blend of flea market electronics, rusted pots and pans, field recordings of a doomed boat trip down the St. Lawrence River, birds in the ice covered trees, the groan of an overheating diesel engine, shortwave radio in the middle of nowhere, busted cars sliding in the sleet of Indiana, the soft hum of a dusty living room, bugs and reptiles singing from Florida swamps, and a sorrowful voice leading us into the frozen ground.

Recorded, written, produced and mixed by Clare Hubbard, featuring the accompanying sounds of Justin Clifford Rhody and friends. Queenly Women Crowned and Uncrowned is Caethua's 3rd release." tomentosa


rafa said...

me gusta mucho, todo!

Anonymous said...

me gusta mucho la estética general del blog, tanto por la musica como por las fotos que acompañan los posts. Así que se me ocurre que por ahí te puedan interesar mis fotos. A donde te puedo mandar el link?

d said...

any chance you can re-up some of your older compilations? thanks, fantastic site

ana said...

sergio, aquí mismo si quieres, o a apenina@mundo-r.com. gracias!

c, i will re-up them little by little, thanks for your interest