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Friday, August 01, 2008

dredd foole

"For over 30 years troubadour wailer Dan Ireton, aka Dredd Foole, has called upon the spirit of 78 shellac blues n' psychedelic Stooges n' Velvets to fuel his guttural, pure soul ethos of the song. Whether solo or leading mass, Foole hints at the classic forms of Blood On The Tracks and the celestial fug of Sun Ra's third-eye vision to create an approach untraveled yet increasingly influential (see: Six Organs of Admittance, Sunburned Hand of the Man).

Produced in multi-dimensional spectrasound by Matt Valentine, Kissing The Contemporary Bliss spans 50 miles of elbow room and kicks up the most outward bound and staggering approaches to Gus Cannon's "Walk Right In" and Robert Johnson's "Stones In My Passway" while offering ear-popping originals colored by Erika Elder's jug blowin' and Coot Moon's ecstatic, reverb dosed banjo. You'll hear nothing like this in 2008 or beyond.." family vineyard

 cd1 & cd2


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, I always wanted more Dredd Foole after hearing his version of a Mission Of Bruma song.

Arturo Grijalva said...

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