microphones in the trees: silver summit

Monday, August 11, 2008

silver summit

"...Silver Summit is a Brooklyn-based song-writing partnership between longtime friends and multi-instrumentalists, Sondra Sun-Odeon & David Shawn Bosler. they combine their love for folk music of the world with contemporary melancholic and psychedelic sounds. Much like the haunting and ethereal album closer "The Bridge," Silver Summit's earnest and captivating self-titled record bridges unexpected musical realms of light and darkness, and yet the effect is at once, dark, joyous and hopeful. " neufutur
"...Hazy, smoky, and macabre, the record's mellifluous vocal harmonies and meandering multi-ethnic instrumentation paint mental portraits of foggy Victorian streets, gypsy caravans, and Baghdad bazaars with effortless execution." naturalismo
foto: molly see

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Anonymous said...

much love for the folkish. and that photo is perfect.