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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


"Heart of the Sun is the wonderfully remixed and realised version of 'Mercy Oceans'. It also features four brand new exclusive tracks including a collaboration with Strings of Consciousness and a cover version of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's 'Even If Love'." durtro
"Andria Degens is making such beautiful and haunting music as Pantaleimon that we almost hesitate to mention that she's married to David Tibet of Current 93, as her own music more then stands on its own. While the sound is similar to the music of folks like Fursaxa, Grouper and Christina Carter, there is much more immediacy, focus and a connection to folk history in the songs of Pantaleimon. There is also a rustic quality in these stripped down songs that makes us think of Bridget St. John and Hala Strana recording a record together. Heart Of The Sun is becoming the record we listen to both early in the morning and then late at night as we surrender to sleep. So beautiful!" aquarius
*download cd I & cd II*


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