microphones in the trees: December 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009


"¡¡YA DISPONIBLE!! Calendario mortimer 2010 [doce paisajes]calendario de pared de 12x30cm en papel satinado. dibujos y diseño exclusivo de mortimer. incluye doce paisajes a color, edición limitada de 50 unidades firmadas y numeradas.

POR SÓLO 15€ (GASTOS DE ENVÍO GRATIS) ¡¡HAZ TU PEDIDO!! escribiendo un e-mail a mortimeriadas@mortimeriadas.com, si vives en Albacete también puedes comprar tu calendario a un precio SUPERESPECIAL en COMIKERS (avenida de españa, 3 – frente a la punta del parque)"

qué mejor manera de decirle hola al nuevo año que a través del calendario 2010 del bueno de morti, ¡¡¡dénse prisa que ya quedan poquitos!!! ojalá este año se cumplan aquellos deseos salidos del corazón. salud, paz y mucha luz a todos los arbóreos y arbóreas.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

vic chestnutt

me llama luis diciendo que se ha ido otro de los grandes, sobredosis de relajantes musculares el día de navidad. con la sombra de jack rose todavía presente nos vemos de nuevo ante el abismo del vacío. me he remontado al año 98, hace casi doce años de un disco "robado" de una de sus canciones, sad peter pan. no puedo decir gran cosa más allá de que la vida es terrible para algunos mientras otros la subestimamos movidos por la estupidez de las cosas insignificantes. y por si fuera poco y gracias al sistema sanitario estadounidense, la familia chestnutt no tiene dinero para pagar todo lo que se viene encima. pero como siempre pasa, ante el negro hay blanco, se llama kristin hersh y ha habilitado un espacio en su web con el fin de recaudar dinero para su familia. piensen en lo grande que debió ser dentro y fuera de la música el bueno de chestnutt para recibir atenciones así. descansa en paz superviviente.

sad peter pan

the brown bunny

Saturday, December 26, 2009

mike tamburo

"Friends, i am proud to announce the release of my new box set. The Tenth Gate And Other Revelations. It contains 6 discs of music, art and writings..This is the bulk of my work since my last box set collection. if you have seen any of my shows between January 2007 up until yesterday, i assure you that the music you heard is in this collection. Contains musical journeys on hammered dulcimer, guitar, crowned eternal, piano, vocals and electronics." mike tamburo

Friday, December 25, 2009

second family band

"Another incredible offering from the Second Family Band camp, documenting their huge collective burnouts. side A begins with a Murky laidback basement jam which quickly morphs into a psychedelic banjo romp, and ends with the incredible tropical sounding shamanic title track.
The flip sides drugged up guitar solo and loose percussion keeps the pace for another of the band’s sonic meditations, which all accumulates into the last track’s laid back Dub Vibes, perfectly suited for heaviest smokers soundtrack." bum tapes

Thursday, December 24, 2009

chris forsyth

"Dreams was recorded and mixed between 2007 and 2009, mostly in Brooklyn, but also in Glasgow, Kansas City, and Waldron Island, Washington, and features contributions from Forsyth's Peeesseye bandmates Jaime Fennelly (synth on one track) and Fritz Welch (drums and vocals on another) as well as the trumpet work of Nate Wooley and organ, saxophone, and snare drum overdubs by Phantom Limb & Bison's Shawn Edward Hansen. Four tracks of free-wheeling minimalist rock balladry and anarcho-improv surrealism with a fearless approach to beauty in a deeply psychedelic landscape." evolving ear

"It's enough to signal Forsyth's arrival as an erudite and farsighted guitar stylist, maping a path that's hip and scholarly in equal measure." the wire

"a stunning guitar record... irresistably narcotic." strangeglue

"fucking killer on every level" foxy digitalis

soft story: james blackshaw meets bird show

Saturday, December 19, 2009


"The Long Afternoon of Earth is made up of two short sets of songs, both different in style but connected by themes, family, place, escape and remembrance. The first set, No Man’s Land, is acoustic-based, with songs haunting in their hypnotic way, finding common ground between the rustic and spectral in the spell they cast. Hubbard’s surroundings play deeply within the realm of her thoughts, with lyrics both unvarnished and emotionally shading in the way they portray experience both real and imagined.

The second set, Into The Dog-Dayed Night is also stark, but yet another spin on Clare Hubbard’s otherworldly songs. Piano, guitar, raw beats and almost industrial-type textures alchemically fuse for an altogether different mood – more theatrical, lamenting and spooked. Both sets come together here in the kind of purity and fortitude that underline Caethua’s true artistry. The Long Afternoon of Earth is as enigmatic and heartfelt a statement you’re likely to hear." preservation

Thursday, December 17, 2009


"Gnod unleash 2 stellar jams, the first "The Crystal Pagoda", insired by the film "The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda" which Angus Maclise provided a stunning soundtrack to, Gnod throw down a perpendicular astral jam full chants, hand percussion aligned with a solid bass loop. "Tony's First Disco" takes up side B with a tight, hypnotic lock groove drum and bass beat akin to Faust with Tony Conrad, layered with chants, synths and brass!" sonic meditations

Thursday, December 10, 2009

só para raros

  1. marconi notaro (& lula côrtes y zé ramalho) - ode a satwa
  2. urubamba - fugitivo en el altiplano
  3. luli & lucinha - yorimatã okê aruê
  4. o jardim das borboletas - marrom-carmim
  5. renato teixeira - marinheiro
  6. a barca do sol - a primeira batalha
  7. perfume azul do sol - nascimento
  8. lula côrtes y zé ramalho - beira mar
  9. rubinho e mauro assumpção - os olhos
  10. black zé - só para loucos
  11. spectrum - trilha antiga
  12. gilberto gil - cerebro electronico
  13. silvinha - voce já morreu e se esqueceu de deitar
  14. limonada - pies descalzos
  15. atacama - canto de la cuculí
  16. walter franco - patio do loucos
  17. alceu valença & geraldo azevedo - mister mistério
  18. flaviola e o bando do sol - desespero
  19. satwa - allegro piradissimo
foto: azzure window

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


01 old mountain hum ~ grizzly prospector
02 poppies ~ beggin' your pardon miss joan
03 oaks ~ silver summit
04 youcatcher ~ julianna barwick
05 the butcher ~ larkin grimm
06 billie holiday ~ warpaint
07 up the north fork ~ pelt*
08 allah ~ stag hare
09 red desert ~ wooden vail
10 all i want is calm ~ zelienople
11 heaven sold you back to earth ~ zola jesus
12 for rent ~ tickley feather
13 mothers taught ~ cursillistas
14 wiggle woggle ~ run dmt
15 sick with information ~ big blood
16 i could bring you jewels ~ josephine foster
17 sleeper ~ muffin
18 for parmalee ~ eyes like saucers
19 musik für alle ~ black to comm
20 save me a place (fleetwood mac cover) ~ lights
21 ruby, don't take your love to town ~ kenny rogers
22 don't give up ~ lake
23 lies ~ sin fang bous
24 untitled ~ apenino & arbore

foto: mundo mudo

Monday, December 07, 2009

Sunday, December 06, 2009

jack rose

un 4 de noviembre de 2004 vimos a jack rose tocar por primera vez junto a glenn jones, un par de años después lo volvimos a ver, esta vez con pelt. ana lo recordará igual que yo, en ese lugar reservado para los grandes con mayúsculas. me entero hace un minuto que ha muerto de un ataque al corazón a los 38 años. me he levantado de la silla y llevado las manos a la cabeza. he sentido que algo de mi también se ha muerto. en little kirby blues le rendía un pequeño homenaje es lo primero que he pensado, después he subido a ver el poster de ahí arriba, recuerdo que nos lo firmó tras esa primera actuación, estaba sentado en la barra del vade con un gorro con orejeras bebiendo bourbon y fumando un pitillo, quería hablar pero no podía, de nuevo el respeto convertido en esparadrapo en la boca, recuerdo que luis lo hacía mientras yo le preguntaba dos mil cosas mentalmente y pensaba si habría venido en carromato. al llegar a casa tenía que escribir una crítica que no cabía en una pantalla porque hay música que no se puede escribir, que no se puede llevar a palabras igual que una película no se puede esculpir, un libro bailar o un cuadro escribir. jack rose ha muerto y con él nos hemos muerto un poco todos los que hemos viajado de su mano a ese cielo en el que ahora podrá tocar con fahey, mississippi john hurt, john martyn, skip james y compañía. una vez más volvemos al sólo muere lo que se olvida y a jack rose es material y espiritualmente imposible olvidarlo. linden avenue stomp, tócala otra vez jack.


Friday, December 04, 2009

tunnels with sequin trails

"Sequin Trails is the project of Oregon artist, musician, and mystic Janina Angel Bath. On this gorgeous self-release with Tunnels, wrapped in a gold fabric bag adorned with a stitched line of sequins; the imagery and the song titles reveal much about what you can expect from the music, infused with mysticism, folk psychedelia, and magic. Beautiful washes of sound will hypnotize you, taking you on a journey with Ms. Bath. Schooled in piano, Native American flute, and Indian classical vocal music; Janina (flutes, keyboards, vocals, percussion and bells) and Nick Bindeman (guitars, percussion, effects, viola, bells) create a lovely soundtrack for meditation, with the pleasant instrumentation and chant-like vocals." lombard

foto: rebeca horn

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

my estrogeneration

"First ever not not fun vinyl compilation finds the spotlight landing fairly on the fairer sex, and the glare is glorious. 11 diverse femme musical energies corralled across 12 inches of black vinyl, all exclusive contributions, and the breadth of zones and interzones traversed is a beautiful thing to hear. Carry on my wayward non-sons. LPs in jackets with artwork by Pocahaunted bassist/scholar Diva Dompe, plus a full-color double-sided insert. Edition of 500. This year's Estrogeneration includes: Zola Jesus, Tickley Feather, Pocahaunted (vintage unused track from Gold Miner's Daughters sessions), Inca Ore, Topaz Rags, HNY, Talk Normal, Islaja (featuring Samara Lubelski and Blevin Blectum), L.A. Vampires, U.S. Girls & Valet" nnf