microphones in the trees: granules

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Sepehr Lemar Nabi • guitar, Kaoss pad, percussion, processing, arrangements, cover artwork
Franciscus Alex Rebro • piano, glockenspiel, mbira, Roland FA-76, beer bottles, field recordings, percussion, samples, processing, arrangements
Niv Bavarsky • guitar, voice, percussion, processing 
tracks #5 and #12 feature flute contributions from Sarah Stanley

"Granules is an experimental workshop ~ Sepehr, Niv and I have unique musical backgrounds, artistic interests and tastes, and we never once sat down to discuss specifically what our "sound" or aesthetic should be like, though we did discuss tracks in the works. the music developed naturally out of the constraints of our recording capabilities and what we were interested in playing and hearing. many influences have made deep impressions on all three of us in different ways, including experimental electronic music, jazz, 20th century composition and ambient music. we want to abandon genre idioms and explore new expressions through experiments in texture, color and form. we also want to evoke unusual images. Unfolding began as somewhat of a jumble of ideas, but as we worked together for over a year, scrapping and revising tracks, a sense of movement and unification started to come together. I don't want to make any comment as to the emotional qualities of the music, save for that I've honestly never heard anything quite like it." franciscus alex rebro/giraffe kingdom

foto: svimmel

más frágil imposible, más bonito, tampoco. cantidad de detalles, grabaciones, de campo, tintineos de campanillas, flautas, triángulos, cristalitos chocando unos contra otros, el ulular de un búho, gotas salpicando o incluso rozando, glockenspiel, piano, y una sensación de que, como dice Franciscus, no hay nada que se le parezca, excepto tal vez los collages microscópicos de Quartz Safari, grupo en el que toca precisamente Sepehr Nabi junto a Robert Thompson de Mohave Triangles. de ahí la fascinación.


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