microphones in the trees: panabrite / grapefruit / bataille solaire

Saturday, September 14, 2013

panabrite / grapefruit / bataille solaire

"Lattice-like manifestations are here and although complex in theory, show life though more visceral and ancient means. From infinity and up to infinity. Awakened into an expansive present." 

"As Panabrite, Seattle's Norm Chambers, produces spacey, meditative tunes, citing retro "library music" as a prominent inspiration. It's no wonder, then, that his music feels straight out of an old-school science documentary, though arguably more inspired and deliberate. His latest tune, "Abyssal II", is a luminous example of this; a comfortable, airey ride through extra-terrestrial realms, guided by steady, unintimidating rhythms and sensational, floating synths. It's subtlty is hypnotic, encouraging a blissful equanimity that forgoes any measure of time, and might even make you question reality." ad hoc

"Free again as the will compels in floating capsules, remembering and remembering now the finger pointed celestial bodies anchored only by prospects of endless time. Signal transport."

"Grapefruit (Charles Salas-Humara) are gorgeous waves of oscillation initially come on like a time capsule of minimalism; a call and response to Spiegel and Riley ~ after sounding for all the world like a lost section of Vangelis’ Bladerunner score to begin with. The soft electronic kick moves things forward almost imperceptibly." 20 jazz funk greats

bataille solaire ~documentaires (constellation tatsu, 2013)

"An extremely loose concept-album about the dissolution of borders between spiritual and material, animal and vegetal, natural and digital, microscopic and macro, the 4 elements, religions, musical schools, as seen through the prism of the scientific documentary."

"solo project of Asaël Robitaille (also member of Léopard et Moi, Panopticon Eyelids, Chromosphère, Asaël & Jonas, L'Oeil nu, Piranha, Baal Astarté, Femminielli's backing band), inspired by the cosmos, ancient pagan deities, sci-fi and progressive rock. Asaël is working now on his first solo release which will be a loose concept album describing the astral travelling of the phenician solar god Baal Shamash on his celestial chariot."

"Bataille Solaire restored my faith in synth-driven psych-out banging last year with Baal​-​Shamash et son char céleste. I think I listened to that through and through and through, through the months of April and May. Funny “Mangrove” is popping off right now in my ears and in front of my eyes." tiny mix tapes

esas cosas comestibles de la vida con esas portadas que no sé si me fascinan o me repelen, las hornadas de Constellation Tatsu. tres cintas como tres soles que suenan, saben, huelen a gloria. y claro, lo de Panabrite sigue siendo de otro mundo... y todavía quedan copias.

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marluna said...

constellation tatsu y sus "batchs" siempre haciéndonos felicianas y felicianos :)

ana said...

y tanto, marluna. a ver qué nos depara el otoño :)