microphones in the trees: tav exotic

Friday, September 27, 2013

tav exotic

"the man behind Bear Bones, Lay Low and Sylvester Anfang member Ernesto González has a brand new project called Tav Exotic with his friend Mike from Tienen. the duo just released a first sample of the kind of tropical electronics we can expect to hear from them, and needless to say both the music and visuals are quite eye-dilating. perfect sounds to reset your synapses on a sunday morning" subbacultcha

"Mike & I decided to put together (almost) all of our recordings so far of our new project in a massive 90 minute release, divided in two cd-r’s. everything here is improvised and without overdubs (except for the very first track which you can hear on the video below). It’s dancy, it’s noisey, it’s kosmische, it’s stoned and it’s cheap. Tav Exotic style. comes in a double dvd case with full color covers." ernesto gonzález

 the video was made using footage from “Gateways to the Mind” (1958)

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