microphones in the trees: plastic moonrise

Friday, March 20, 2015

plastic moonrise

~ mediumistic restructuring of experience
purposive not dreamlike
existing simultaneously in all places and times
sequences, successions, sounds, silence ~

"coming! friday march 20th 2015 for the Vernal Equinox Celebrations... how did we get here?. cassette/zine the second. more secrets to tell, throw up the sash window and let them in...and like dandelion seeds, blow them out and share them with the world again ~ they will set you free!" catherine norris/plastic moonrise

"beautiful concrete poems, lullabies and sonic acrostics for all you children of Alice out there. I love how it's all whispered like a secret, like only you are meant to hear it." toys and techniques

 ~ spoken word, diary of unconscious echoes, experimental casio, garden path gestures, stream of consciousnes ~

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