microphones in the trees: kambang adzan / augenmusik

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

kambang adzan / augenmusik

~ kambang adzan is the first time release of some beautiful and eerie field recordings from Bandung, Indonesia ~

"this recording was made while living in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, around 1997 or 1998. using a Sony DAT recorder and stereo microphone I had sought out the highest place where I lived to record one of the many thunderstorms that happen during monsoon season. I ended up recording on a rooftop where there were several caged and unhappy house-cats pleading with me (they can be heard on the recording) to let them out. I hit record and a few hours later, returned to collect my equipment.  by happy coincidence I had also recorded the many Adzans, or call to prayers, from the nearby mosques." kambang adzan

augenmusik ~ augenmusik (eiderdown, 205)

"Augenmusik is comprised of Samara Lubelski (Tower Recordings, Thurston Moore Band) and Werner Nötzel and Thilo Kuhn from Stuttgart's sweet freak collective Metabolismus. together these three will take you on a night train of sliding electric violin and gurgling analog electronics. amazing material from three sensitive musicians, a complete mental zone to soundtrack the shapes on the inside of your eyeballs. plucking tones and drones out of the air like so many ripe fruits, Augenmusik presents an audio feast of the highest form. time stops as the violin and electronics melt together and slide across your synapses like a knife through warm butter. dig in..." eiderdown

 Samara Lubelski : amplified violin & effects
Thilo Kuhn : thyllotronics
Werner Nötzel: tapes & modulations

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se acumulan cintas favoritas pero también reseñas... Komodo Haunts, Former Selves, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Babexo, Opaline, Pines, Adderall Canyonly, Paa Annandalii, Ondness, Sarah Louise, Seth Kasselman... así que para reducirla nada mejor que una pequeña mención a la nueva hornada de Eiderdown. Augenmusik es una colaboración de ensueño entre Samara Lubelski y dos miembros de Metabolismus (mmm 'sprießwärtsdrall'): el violín de Samara revoloteando en primer plano, de fondo la atmósfera asfixiante de Thilo y Werner manipulando cintas sobre un colchón de teclados analógicos.

pero mi debilidad son las grabaciones de campo de Kambang Adzan, que no pueden ser más evocadoras y la vez más tristes...lluvia, tormentas grabadas en una azotea durante la temporada del monzón, numerosos cánticos indonesios apenas audibles, que son llamadas a la oración (adzan) desde las mezquitas a lo largo del día. de fondo, 'maullidos de gatitos enjaulados, infelices'. junto a 'cambodian field recordings' de Stephen Molyneux, los field recordings más 'aquí, ahora' del mundo.


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